Steveston Scarecrow Crawl

The Steveston Merchants Association (SMA) is excited to announce the 7th annual Steveston Scarecrow Crawl. Scarecrows have spread like wild fire through the village since the inception of this event, with over sixty merchants creating scarecrows, which lurk around the business district. Some scarecrows stand outside businesses during hours of operation, while others are on display in store windows. The Steveston Scarecrow Crawl takes place October 14 – 31, 2015.

The Steveston Merchants Association is committed to steering business to the village year round. In 2010 the SMA introduced the first annual Steveston Scarecrow Crawl with the purpose of attracting people to the Village during autumn. The event was an astounding success, and the SMA board of directors quickly concluded that it would become an annual celebration. Cleverly themed scarecrows often reflect the personality of participating businesses, including everything from traditional to whimsical and even nautical scarecrows.

Stop and pose with scarecrows and check out local businesses while you are in Steveston. The streets buzz with energy and laughter. One of the most exciting things about this event is it is a work in progress and new scarecrows pop up throughout the month. Bring your camera, and go on a crawl! It is the perfect tribute to autumn, and a fun pre-Halloween event. We invite Steveston residents to get your house in the spirit and create your own scarecrow.

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